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Adventure Options - Pricing

Welcome to our pricing page - We're excited you're here and look forward to you booking an Adventure with us!

2024 Pricing

Guided Adventure 1


Trail Ride Only - No Stops

Duration: 90 Minutes

Price: $75 Per Person

Guided Adventure 2


Trail Ride, Grizzly & Drag Strip

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: $125 Per Person

Guided Adventure 3


Trail Riding, All Course Features

(Grizzly, Drag Strip, Jump Course)

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: $250 Per Person

Fishing Adventures


Option 1 -

$125 Per Person, Per Hour

***This is an add on with a UTV Rental

Option 2 -

Duration: 4 Hours, 2 Lakes

Price: $500 Per Person

4 People Max

Lounge Area


Duration: 4 Hours

Price: $500

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