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How does weather effect the services?

The only time weather effects the services provided is when a thunderstorm is present.

What information do I need to provide for signing up?

You will need to provide a valid drivers license, CC, and a signed waiver. Waivers are provided upon entry. 

Are food, drinks, and alcohol provided in cost?

All food and drinks can be purchased separately. There will be no alcohol sales.

What is the proper attire to wear?

Riding conditions vary, so dress to get covered in mud, dust, and prepare for bugs.

Can I rent or purchase helmets, equipment, and clothing?

Yes all proper safety equipment and attire can be rented or purchased at the facility. 

Do I have to pack food and beverages for the trails?

No coolers are allowed on the trails. You can bring a resealable water bottle/soda. 

What is the minimum age requirement for driving?

The minimum age required to operate a UTV is 21 years old. We do offer youth models. Contact us for more information!

Do I have to pay for damages to a UTV?

Yes, all damages will be billed to the person responsible.

What is the minimum age requirement for a passenger?

Age 9

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